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    The “Family Businesses 4.0” Congress comprises three different moments: 

    • Gala Dinner – on November 29th, at Forte de São Julião da Barra; 
    • “Family Businesses 4.0” Congress on November 30th, at the new Campus of NOVA SBE in Carcavelos; 
    • 3rd Next In Line Meeting – on November 30th, at the new Campus of NOVA SBE in Carcavelos (at 16h30). Exclusive to attendees aged between 25 and 45. The meeting ends with the Next in Line Dinner, at Cantina Zé Avillez (at 20h).  

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    Registrations:  Member  NonMember 
    Gala Dinner only  110.00€  200.00€ 
    Congress only  400.00€  550.00€ 
    Congress 2nd Registration   350.00€   
    Congress 3rd Registration (and following)  250.00€   
    Gala Dinner + Congress  500.00€  650.00€ 
    Gala Dinner + Congress 2nd Registration   400.00€   
    Gala Dinner + Congress 3rd Registration (and following)  300.00€   
    NIL Pack (3rd Meeting + NIL Dinner)  200.00€  350.00€ 
    NIL Pack (3rd Meeting + NIL Dinner) 2nd Registration (and following)  150.00€   
    Dinner Gala + Congress + 3rd Meeting + NIL Dinner  550.00€  700.00€ 
    Dinner Gala + Congress + 3rd Meeting + NIL Dinner 2nd Registration (and following)  450.00€   
    Congress + 3rd Meeting + NIL Dinner  450.00€  600.00€ 
    Congress + 3rd Meeting + NIL Dinner 2nd Registration (and following)  400.00€   

    * All cancellations must be reported to the secretariat until November 23rd 2018 (from such date, the attendees will not be entitled to refunds). 


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